Borno state Receives Cameroon Military, to fight Insurgency

Borno State has, in recent years, been the target of attacks by insurgents. Photo: Twitter@GovBorno.

Borno State governor on Thursday received some delegates of the Cameroonian Military, harping on the necessity for a combined effort to tackle insurgency and crime.

The event took place at the Government House in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital with Governor of Borno state stating that the central African country and Nigeria can share experiences and work together to tackle insurgency and crime in the Lake Chad region.

Borno State has, in recent years, been the main target of attacks by insurgents and bandits.

Borno State has, in recent years, been the target of attacks by insurgents. Photo: Twitter@GovBorno.

“Cameroon and Nigeria, most of our people have the same tradition,beliefs and culture. Though the insurgency has deeply affected all the countries in the Lake Chad region, all our economies and foreign exchange have been affected. Therefore, there is a urgent need for we to collectively work together and tackle this insurgency once and for all,” the governor stated.

“The issue of trans-border trade is very important, all of us know Banki. We are working hard to make sure Banki market is reopened and accessible to all, we plan to reopen Bama-Banki road to allow easy access and promote trans-border trades. Let us cooperate with the security operatives so as to ensure the free movement of our people and protection of their lives also.”


In the process of the ceremony, the Cameroon Military officials were led by the 4th region joint military commander, General Saly Mohammadou and followed by Commander Sector 1 Multinational Joint Task Force, General Bouba Dobekreo; Commander Fourth Gendarmerie, Brigadier General Essoh Jules-Cesa amongst others.

Borno State and the north in whole, have been majorly affected by the of attacks by insurgents and criminals in recent years, the most recent attack being the massacre of a series of farmers in Zambarmari near Maiduguri.

The event spurred condemnation from every part of the world with calls insisting for the sack of Nigeria’s security chiefs to do something to tackle the high level of insurgency and crime.

A few days after the event, the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) said it has lost it’s trust and faith in the President Muhammadu Buhari led government. The group called on president Muhammadu Buhari to resign and leave his office if he is incapable of stopping or reducing the killings in the country, especially in the northern part of the country.

“Under the Buhari’s government, life has lost its value, as people keep losing their lives like sheeps and more and more citizens are compelled under the control of criminals,” it said in a statement. “We do not see any evidence of effort being put in place on the part of President to honour his promise and manifestoes to provide adequate security for Nigerians.”