Fela Kuti did not send me to school Femi Kuti reveals

Fela Anikulapo Kuti did not send Femi Kuti to school, Femi Kuti has exposed the reason why his father, legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti never sent him to school to acquire formal education.
According to Femi Kuti, His father never sent him to school because he wanted to use him as an tool to prove the fact that people can be successful without acquiring any form of formal education.

Why Fela did not send me to school - Femi

Femi Kuti revealed this recently when he was interviewed by TV presenters of Your View, an all-female talk show which is regularly shown on TVC news.

According to Femi, though Fela was a great man, he had his flaws too, one of which was his refusal to let him acquire formal education, an experiment he believes was very dicey.

In his words, “Yes Fela was great. But Fela did have his flaws. But one of his flaws was that Fela wanted to use me as a tool to carry out his experiment. His reason was that I would be successful without going to schoo so it wasn’t necessary.

“And his mother, my mother, everybody, was just suprised. No! When I achieved success he was like, ‘Didn’t I tell you? Me that went through that experiment I know it was very dicey.”

Speaking further during the interview, Femi kuti stated that it was because he didn’t want what happened to him to  happen to his son, whom he saw as very gifted individual right from the birth, that’s why he sent him abroad to study music.