PDP-Zamfara Rerun: APC Exit In Fear of Inevictable Defeat

PDP in Zamfara State has spoken out about the exit of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate from the rerun election for the Bakura State House of Assembly position.

In a press release on Tuesday, the PDP chairman in the state, Tukur Danfulani, explained that the party heard the news of the APC’s exit with little or no shock at all.

He noted that the dominant party in Zamara was happy that the rival party did not accuse the PDP of any evil acts in the spirit of good sportsmanship in politics.

“We still want to re-emphasize our earlier call, especially on the issues of security, we would ensure security agents protect the people’s lives and property, before, during, and after the election and not to allow woodlums disrupt the political exercise,” Danfulani noted.

He claimed, “It is one thing to exit from an election in fear of inevictable defeat and another thing to leave the woodlums and miscreants that were used in the first leg of the election to come more dangerous and disrupt the political exercise since they have nothing to lose.”


According to the PDP chairman, the APC raised some of the same crucial issues spotted by his party, such as intimidation of voters, ballot box snatching, and the use of security operatives to rig the election.

The PDP chairman stated that this led to the declaration of the earlier electoral exercise conducted by INEC inconclusive.

Danfulani emphasized that since it was the exclusive choice of the rival party to choose to participate or choose not to participate in the election, the PDP would join other participating political parties to wish the APC well.

The PDP chairman gave an assurance that as the ruling party in Zamfara, the government would continue to provide a fair and just atmosphere for all political parties and people of the state to participate in politics.